Western Australia: Play about Organ Tourism Featured at Theater Festival

A theater festival in West Australia featured an unusual performance last week. The Perfect Heart examines the ethical question of live organ harvesting by telling the story of a family whose daughter will soon die without a new heart, prompting them to become "transplant tourists" in China, where vital organs are quickly available. "This is an issue we cannot ignore,” said one of the actors.

Guizhou Accountant Dies Within Two Months on Medical Parole (Graphic Photo)

Ms. Chen Lizhi died from multiple organ failures on September 9, 2014.

Critically Ill Practitioner Recovers in Three Days upon Group Elevation

A desperate situation turns around when fellow practitioners recognize and let go of their notions.

Urging People to Quit the CCP at Edinburgh Tourist Sites

A Chinese practitioner living in the UK shares thoughtful suggestions on what to consider in persuading visiting Chinese to quit the Party.

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