Taipei: 3000 Participate in Falun Gong Activities to Commemorate the 16th Anniversary of "April 25th"

Chinese nationals visiting Taiwan recently were able to catch sight of an activity once common in China but now banned: a large assembly of Falun Gong practitioners doing the exercises together in a public place. Sunday's gathering at the Presidential Building was in remembrance of the peaceful protest in Beijing in 1999, when 10,000 practitioners stood up for their right to freedom of belief.

Australia: Public Outcry in Sydney Over China's Organ Harvesting Crimes

Australia's national public television network recently aired the documentary “Human Harvest: China's Organ Trafficking,” prompting public concern about the atrocity, whose primary targets are Falun Gong practitioners. At a rally in Sydney on April 16, over 2000 people signed a petition calling for an end to the Chinese regime's organ harvesting crimes.

Singapore: Commemorating the April 25, 1999, Peaceful Protest in Beijing - 16 Years Later

Over 10,000 gathered quietly in Beijing 16 years ago to ask the government to release several dozen practitioners detained in Tianjin, and to reaffirm their right to practice Falun Gong. The 10,000 left peacefully after Premier Zhu Rongji agreed to release the dozens detained and gave assurances that the Party did not oppose Falun Gong. Soon after, however, President Jiang Zemin initiated the brutal persecution. Thus the peaceful demonstration of April 25 marked the beginning of 16 years of Falun Gong's non-violent resistance.

Theatergoers from Taiwan and Mainland China Share a Love of Shen Yun

“Shen Yun is pure art,” said a film producer from China who caught one of the eight sold-out Shen Yun Performing Arts shows in Taipei last week. He was one of many from the Mainland who traveled there to see the show, which cannot be seen in China due to the communist regime's oppression. Taiwanese audience members equally cherished the opportunity to connect with Shen Yun's expression of traditional culture.

Woman's Latest Arrest Painfully Reminiscent of Her Ordeal 13 Years Ago

"Ms. Song's daughter suddenly recognized officer Ma. He came to their home 13 years ago to arrest her parents..." Her father died as result of the persecution, and her mother is in police custody again.

Elderly Couple Tried for Belief in Falun Gong, Prosecutor Unable to Refute Their Defense

The judge ended the trial after an hour without delivering a verdict because the prosecutor was unable to refute the couple’s defense.

From a High School Student to Young Mother: 17 Years of Cultivating Dafa

When just a teenager, her steadfast faith in Falun Dafa saw her through intense persecution and abuse.

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