Taiwan: Falun Gong's Lantern-Decorated Boat Highlights New Year Celebration in Taichung

The Chinese Lantern Festival is an occasion of great significance, traditionally celebrated on the last day of the lunar New Year celebration and usually includes a variety of lantern displays. For this year's event in Taichung, Falun Gong practitioners built a six-story-tall boat decorated with many attractive lanterns, which visitors were able to board, for a unique way to enjoy the celebration.

Chinese Official Commends Falun Gong Practitioners' Efforts to Help People Quit the Communist Party

Volunteers from service centers for quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) all over the world make phone calls to China every day, informing people about the Party's atrocities, such as the persecution of Falun Gong. During the recent Chinese New Year holiday, many recipients of these calls, including Party officials, welcomed the opportunity to renounce their CCP memberships.

Chinese New Year Celebration Brings Beauty of Falun Dafa to San Francisco

A beautiful parade graced San Fransisco this past weekend, celebrating the Chinese New Year and providing an opportunity for the public to learn more about Falun Dafa. Visitors of all ethnicities enjoyed the parade, including tourists from China, where information about the persecution is heavily censored by the communist regime. Many spectators shared that they resonated with Dafa's principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Western Australia: Falun Gong Performance and Signature Drive Warmly Received at Multi-cultural Festivals

Many visitors to the annual multi-cultural festivals in Perth and Bunbury learned about Falun Gong, the exercises, ongoing persecution, and the organ harvesting atrocities in China.

Romania: Petition Signatures Collected to Support Stopping the Persecution of Falun Gong

When Falun Gong practitioners talked to passersby about rimes committed by the Chinese Communist regime, Romanians had little trouble relating and recalled abuses suffered under Communist rule in their own history.

Auckland, New Zealand: Beach Goers Learn about Falun Gong

As tourists and locals alike flocked to the beautiful Auckland beaches, it presented the local Falun Gong practitioners with a wonderful opportunity to tell them about the practice and expose the persecution going on in China.

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