Germany: “Information Days” Draw Support for Ending Forced Organ Harvesting in China

Practitioners in Germany held several popular “information days” to raise awareness about Falun Gong and the persecution taking place in China – in particular, the forced organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience, the majority of whom are Falun Gong practitioners. Many people showed support by signing a petition calling for an end to the Chinese regime's organ harvesting crimes.

Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference Held in Queensland, Australia (Photos)

Practitioners gather in Brisbane to share their experiences of cultivating, looking inward, and clarifying the truth.

Oakland, California: Residents from All Walks of Life Learn About Falun Gong at Chinatown Street Fair

Over 70 Chinese nationals took the opportunity to quit the CCP over the two day fair. One said, "I quit the CCP today, on my birthday, as I feel that doing so gives me a new life."

Tortured Nearly to Death in Prison: Secondary School Teacher Mr. Liu Naihe

Mr. Liu has been harassed and persecuted ever since the Chinese Communist Party began persecuting Falun Gong in July 1999. Details of some of the horrors he experienced are presented here.

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